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13 Things You Might Think About More After Having Kids

Kids….they change your life in so many ways.  Before having children, I had no idea what a pee tent was (in my opinion, it’s really just a glorified washcloth to prevent getting peed on).  I worked during the week and spent my weekends doing pretty much whatever I wanted.  Now, my life is different and my head, and my iPhone, is filled with to-do lists, go-get-this lists, and don’t-forget-THAT lists.  Even though I sometimes suffer from mommy brain, I think about certain things more since becoming a parent.  Here are 13 things you may think about more after having kids. 

1. Diapers and Wipes

When you have a newborn, there’s nothing worse than not having enough diapers or wipes.  Not having diapers and wipes on an outing is like forgetting your money at the grocery store…...except it’s messier and more embarrassing, especially if your baby has a diaper blowout. 

2. Sleep

I remember being somewhat sleep deprived in college.  However, I always ‘caught up’ on the weekends.  When you have young children, there really isn’t ever any time to catch up.   The good news is now that my kids are getting older, they will sleep in until 8:00 on the weekend, and it’s amazing.  

3. Food

Don’t get me wrong.  I have always liked food.  Still, there are days I could live on Kind Bars, green juice, and whatever randomness I can find in my refrigerator.  After having kids, I realize I have to plan meals.  Now that my daughter is going to school, I’m constantly making sure that we have enough food for her lunch because six hours is a long time to be gone without a proper meal.  I also never thought I would enjoy eating ice cream by myself so much. 

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4. Corners

I have never been so aware of corners and their proximity to my children’s heads. In fact, before having kids, my house had about 25 percent more furniture.  Over the years, I’ve slowly donated it because:
a) my cats scratched it up.
b) It was dangerous.
c)  it got peed on, spit up on, etc. one too many times.
d) all of the above

5. Flushable Things in Close Proximity to the Toilet

Ever since my son flushed a bath toy down the toilet, I have become increasingly aware of small things near the toilet.  I think he’s out of that stage but you never know.  

6. The Little Things

When you're an adult, sometimes I think you forget about the wonder of blowing a dandelion or seeing fireworks for the first time. However, seeing all the firsts through the eyes of my children helps me appreciate the small things.

7. Safety

Baby gates, outlet covers, oven locks….I don’t think you can completely baby and toddler-proof your house.  I have relaxed a lot since my kids were babies. Yet, in the car, I still double check my kids to make sure they are strapped in properly.  I still worry about falls from jungle gyms, strangers, and yes, sharp corners.  

8. Coffee 

My son had GERD (that’s an entirely different post) so between being pregnant and nursing,  I couldn’t have caffeine for almost three years. When I was living caffeine-free, the smell of coffee drove me wild.  I know plenty of parents who survive on coffee to get through the day. How about you?

9. Poop

As a parent, you are constantly faced with poop.  When your kids are babies, you are changing their diapers. Then, they potty train, and they are asking you to “watch me poop” or “look at my poop.” Then, the poop jokes begin.  I’m not sure when this stage stops….if it ever does. 

10. Time

When you have kids, I think you really have to use your time wisely.  Although I think it’s good to take a break and sometimes do nothing, I also believe you need to be efficient.  This might mean making lunches while I’m making dinner, so I only have to clean up once or watching a show while I walk on the treadmill so I get 'My Pretty Little Liars' fix (yes, I watch that) and some exercise. 

11. Being Prepared

Having been a teacher, I'm used to preparing lesson plans and having an activity planned for pretty much every second of the day.  However, when going somewhere with young kids, you have to have an extra change of clothes or two, a snack (in case your errand/car ride/appointment takes longer than expected), a book or some little toy for entertainment, and a plan. 

12. Love

I love my parents, my sister, and my husband. Still, I never realized I had room in my heart for so many people. Every time, I leave my daughter at the school gate, I feel like a little piece of my heart is walking away.  And there is something about watching kids fall asleep that is so beautiful….and not just because I know it will finally be quiet. I enjoy watching my kids love each other too. 

13. Cleaning

With kids, I’m always in awe how messy my house gets in a 24-hour period.  It can be really frustrating. However, I’m realizing my house doesn’t always have to be perfect. 

I know there’s more but, at the moment, my mommy brain can’t remember.  Maybe you could help me by telling me a few things you think about more now that you have kids.

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