Sunday, February 15, 2015

Me Time: Why Mommy Needs a Break

Do you ever have one of those moments where you suddenly realize it’s been four days since you washed your hair, and the dry shampoo just isn’t cutting it anymore? Yea… too. Over the past week, I’ve been sick, my kids have been sick. There have been tantrums, skinned knees, and a messy episode of parmesan cheese all over the floor. And, sometimes, I say to my husband, “I need a break!”

Raising kids can be tiring. Here are some reasons why mommy needs a break.

Making Health a Priority

According to, “excessive stress produces cortisol.” This can cause weight gain, heart problems and even “dementia-like symptoms.” An American Psychological Association poll revealed that women tend to “feel responsible for those around them.” As a result, they often tend to be more stressed out than men. While I’m sure this doesn’t apply to all women, I know I tend to put pressure on myself to be a perfect parent (even though I know this doesn’t exist).  I want to do all the cool activities on Pinterest, have a clean house and accomplish professional goals.  With a three-year-old that needs a lot  supervision so he doesn’t seriously injure himself and an active six-year-old, this can be difficult to do.  Yet, even though my house may be a little bit messier, I’m trying to take some more “me time” so I am not as stressed.  In the end,  it’s important for me to be healthy. After all, if I can’t take care of myself, how can I expect to properly take care of two children?

Engaging in Outside Interests

I have been home for almost seven years with my kids. As much as I love having the opportunity to be with them each day, I also want time to pursue outside interests. I need time to do something intellectual everyday. I also like some time to exercise, read or see friends without my kids in tow. Thus, when my husband isn’t coaching or teaching, I try to take an hour or so to write or even take the dog on a walk without any distractions.  

Appreciating Your Kids

When I get an hour of time to myself, I appreciate my children (and my husband) more.  When I have some time to run errands and work on my own, I can concentrate on my children’s needs better when I get home. According to Ellen Galinsky, President of The Families and Work Institute, “If you shift your focus, you go back to the other areas of life with more energy.” I wholeheartedly agree with this. I don’t like to be present, but not mentally there, with my family. Having some me time makes me feel rejuvenated.  

And, as my husband says, if mommy is happy then everyone is happy!

Of course, I didn’t forget the dads! Dads are awesome and need a break too.

What is your favorite thing to do during your “Me Time?”

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