Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Look and Feel Like a Put Together Mom (Even When You're Not)

Some days I’ve got my act together.  However, other days I’m just acting like I have it together.   When my calendar is full and my kids have been driving me crazy, here are a few ways I look and feel like a put together mom, even when I’m not!
Tame that Hair
I try to take a shower every day.  However, washing my hair is another story.  I usually go about three days between washing my hair (I hope you don’t think I’m gross).  After spending time washing and drying my hair, I try to extend the life of my blowout.  If you don't have time to wash your hair in the morning, some shine serum on your ends and dry shampoo on your roots works wonders.  I like Oscar Blandi’s Dry Shampoo but I have dark blonde hair so I can’t tell how it works on other colors.
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Bright Eyes
I hate looking at pictures of myself when I look tired. I don't wear a lot of makeup. However, I use a hydrating eye primer and illuminating concealer to banish tired eyes. A coat of mascara makes me look awake even when I'm not. If my eyes are irritated, I will use lubricant drops for relief.  I also like this Endless Silky Eye Pen in oyster to help me look more awake.  I use it on the inner corners of my eyes.
Wake Up Before the Kids
Even getting up 10 minutes before my kids allows me to prepare for the day. I can throw in a load of laundry, make snacks and get ready before chaos ensues. I try to make lunches the night before so I have fewer things to do in the morning.

Nice Nails
A few months ago, I was introduced to Jamberry Nails, non-toxic, vinyl based nail designs that are applied with heat.  I love that they stay on for over a week without chipping or peeling.  A manicure always makes me feel more polished.
Stay Organized
Staying organized is the key to both looking and feeling put together.  I use Google Calendar to help me stay organized.  I have reminders sent to me about early release days, conferences, and writing deadlines.  This helps keep me organized so I’m not forgetting about important events.
Have Some Great Accessories
I’ll be honest.  Those infinity scarves confuse me.  I’m also pretty sure my three-year-old would grab at it and end up choking me.  Yet, one of my fashion goals is wear a scarf because the moms who wear them usually look so put together.  In the meantime, I’ll settle for some great boots and a fashionable purse.  Right now, I’m into crossbody bags.  They are great for moms who have to chase little kids around.
Wear Form-Fitting Clothing
Sweats are comfortable but if they are too loose, they can look messy. Leggings under a tunic looks more fashionable. If you are going to work, invest in some slacks with stretch. In general, wearing form-fitting, but not tight clothing, will help you look more put-together. This can work in your favor at the PTA meeting or a job interview.
Of course, a genuine smile will make any person look together. Thus, don't be shy about flashing those pearly whites….just make sure you don’t have any food stuck in between.
What are some of your tips for looking and feeling put together on those hectic days?

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