Sunday, February 1, 2015

Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the eyes of a child you will see the world just as it ought to be. - Unknown

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When my daughter was first learning how to walk, I took her to a big grassy area at the park. She took careful steps and when she stumbled, she sat and picked up a yellow dandelion flower. As the wind picked up, she closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, and enjoyed the breeze on her face.  

My children have a way of reminding me to enjoy the little things, like perfect weather, a beautiful sunset or a simple strawberry. And, even though I sometimes get annoyed when they waste time wandering aimlessly, because they are trying not to step on the cracks, or they’ve decided to stop to climb a tree, or they are playing an impromptu game of tag, I realize they are simply being kids.

And, then I think back and remember what it’s like to be a child, through their eyes. 

Through your eyes I remember what it’s like to be curious, to lift up rocks and wonder what was underneath.  

Through your eyes I remember the thrill of rolling down a grassy hill and stopping at the bottom dizzy, and wanting to do it again.

Through your eyes I remember that books can open up a whole new world.

It is your eyes that see a sunset and, in your words, call it a fire in the sky.

It is your eyes that see a brown box and envision a space ship or a car or a palace.

It is your eyes that remember that time I got mad at you, but those same eyes that offered forgiveness when I said I was sorry. 

And, it your laughter that reminds me that everything is going to be okay. 

So, the next time you ask me to jump in the puddles with you, I will.

The next time you ask me to read you a story, I’ll do my best to make it come alive. 

The next time you ask me to make cookies, I will, even though I just cleaned the kitchen.

Because...these are the memories that will stay with you forever. These are the moments and traditions that you can remember and pass on to your children, if you want. 

In your eyes, in your smiles, in your laughter, I can remember what it’s like to be a child.

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Even though I’m curious and excited about different things now, seeing things through your eyes helps me realize there is wonder and beauty all around me.

What do you see differently through the eyes of your children?

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