Monday, September 14, 2015

Before I Had Kids.......

Before I had kids I would go shopping on the weekends. I’d spend an hour trying on clothes to find the perfect outfit.

Before I had kids, I’d go out to dinner almost every Friday night. I’d order hot soup without worrying that someone would dump it on their lap. I’d order dessert and slowly savor each bite.

Before I had kids, I subscribed to a lot of magazines. When I lived in a condo, I would read those magazines poolside while I worked on my tan.  

Before I had kids, I slept in on the weekends. After a long day at work, I enjoyed soaking in a hot bath. I took hour-long spin classes.  

And, then I changed.  My interests changed.  My body changed.  My wardrobe changed.  My budget changed.  

I was a mom.

Suddenly, I was responsible for another human being, from sunup to sundown. Then, I was responsible for two little ones.  

From time to time, I participate in some of the pre-kid activities. I still go out on date nights. I still enjoy dessert, even it’s the last cookie that I’m secretly scarfing down in the kitchen. I still workout but now it may be a run around the neighborhood rather than going to the gym. I watch television, but a lot less of it.

Before I had kids, I didn’t really know what it meant to sacrifice. I didn’t know that I could feel fear and love at the same time.  

I didn’t know I could enjoy blowing bubbles in the backyard so much or watching a spider spin a web. My life is faster but I’ve also learned to slow down and enjoy the small stuff, because my kids certainly do.

Now, I appreciate those golden days of sleeping in past eight. I enjoy date nights more. I appreciate the few moments when my house is completely clean.  

I’m the same person. I have an identity that’s separate from my children. But I’m different. How could I not be?

Because I’m a mom and I’ve been changed forever. And, since becoming a parent, I really get this saying:

I also get this:

So, what did you do before you had kids? 

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