Saturday, August 22, 2015

5 Signs You Need a Date Night

Recently, I went on a date night. And I don’t mean a Netflix movie and some takeout. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But sometimes it’s good to put on something other than yoga pants and go out to a nice dinner without having to worry about a three-year-old trying to snag all the french fries off of your plate. Here are five signs you need a date night.

You’re Ready for Bed Every Night at 8:00 pm

Let’s face it. When Friday night rolls around, most of the time I’m so tuckered out, I just want to watch a television show, chat with my husband or go to sleep. However, I decided it’s not a good thing to be in my pajamas by 8:00 pm every night, even if I end up staying up way too late. That could get a little boring.

Your LBD and Heels are Collecting Dust

I have half a dozen pairs of heeled shoes.  Most of the time, they just sit in the dark closet glaring at the flats and flips flops that get so much more use. Date night is a time when I can pull out my little black dress and some heeled shoes. After all,  I feel kind of silly wearing those types of things to play with my kids at the park. Plus, who wants  applesauce or boogers smeared all over their “dry clean only” outfit? 

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The Last Really Exciting Movie You Saw Was…...hmmmm

Not to knock Lightning McQueen or anything, but sometimes I like to see a movie out of the G or PG range. For this reason, every few years, I’ll get robbed shell out the 20 or so dollars to see something exciting at the movie theater. Personally, I think T-Rex looks and sounds so much more menacing on the big screen.

You Forgot What it's Like to Have an Uninterrupted Conversation

We don’t go out to eat a lot. However, when we do go out with the kids, half the time I’m watching my minions to make sure they don’t choke, knock a plate on the ground, or douse the table with water. And of course, there is always a chance the three-year-old will get upset because his napkin is the wrong color. Going out on a date night means you can talk with fewer interruptions and focus on your relationship.  

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You No Longer Know How to Let Loose

Are you used to having your life revolve around your baby’s nap schedule?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of your nursing bra?  Even though, you may not want to dance on any bars Coyote Ugly style, date night gives you the chance to let loose. This may mean staying out until 10 longer, having another glass of wine, or spontaneously ordering the molten chocolate lava cake that takes 20 minutes to prepare.

So when was the last time you went on a date night? Is it worth all the trouble of finding a sitter?  Would you rather have a date night at home?

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