Sunday, February 22, 2015

Your Kids are Listening to You

Sometimes, I feel like my kids don’t listen to me at all.  

My son picks things off the floor and eats them. Gross!  I tell him not to but he does it anyways.

My daughter doesn't always take my advice either.
But guess what?

My kids ARE listening to me.

I realized this on the way to school one day when my daughter suddenly said,

“By the way, thanks for getting me this new lip balm mom.  I really like it.”

At that moment,  I realized that all those times when I talked to them about being thankful had made an impact. Those times when I thanked THEM had been etched in their minds.  

After all, it doesn’t mean much when I tell my kids to say “Thank you” and they simply repeat it back to me. However, when they say it on their own without any prompting, I know it’s because they have been listening.

I know my daughter has been listening when I hear she has befriended the new child at school. 

I know my son has been listening when his sister is upset and he pats her on the back while saying, “Are you okay?”

Your kids are listening to you too!

They are listening when you say, "I love you."

They are listening when you say, “I’m proud of you.”

When they wake up scared, they are listening when you stroke their hair and say, “There is a nothing to be afraid of.”

They are listening to you!

Tweet: Your kids are listening, not always, but enough that your words really do matter! @MelissaMatters1

They are waiting for your words of affirmation. 

They are listening to you….even when they don’t like what they hear and even when they are exasperated at what you are saying.

When they are faced with a decision, your words will be in the back of their minds.  They might not always follow your advice but at least it was given. 

Your kids remember your words!  

When someone tells them they are stupid or makes them feel worthless, perhaps it will be your words that remind them they are not. 

Unfortunately, when it is you that tells them they are stupid or when you say shut up….well they remember those words too.  It is those words that hurt them to their core and tear down their self-esteem.

Make each word count!  

And when you mess up, as we all do, or say something you  regret…….well, you can’t take those words back but you can help mend a wounded heart with an apology and your future words.

Your kids are listening, not always, but enough that your words really do matter! 

How do you know your kids really are listening to you?

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