Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Letter to my Son on His 3rd Birthday

Life Goes By in the Blink of an Eye. Appreciate the moments. ~Unknown

Dear M,

We’ve said goodbye to the baby years.  And, now you’re about to leave the toddler years behind too.  

Your cheeks are no longer chubby.  Your nose is suddenly sprinkled with a freckles.  You keep growing out of your clothing.  And, somewhere along the way, you started looking like a little boy.

You’re starting to color between the lines.  You’re running faster, climbing higher, and sleeping longer (thank goodness).
You’re beginning to try new things, like the 'Gadget Go Coaster' at Disneyland.  Even though, you were clinging to my arm for dear life (during the entire 30 second duration of the ride), I know you were proud of yourself for trying out a roller coaster that wasn’t in the kiddie land. 

I was proud of you too. 

Even though you’re getting older, I’m glad you’re still my baby. 

I’m still the one you turn to when you’re hurt, sad, scared, or just want a hug.

I’m still one of your favorite people to cuddle up with and read a story.  

Part of me wants to push the pause button on life and make it last a little longer.  The other part of me is eager to see what type of little person you’re going to become.  And, yes, I’ll admit, I’m hoping you’ll have a few less tantrums this year and won’t get mad at me because I won’t let you do x, y, and z. 

Being three can be tough. You think you know it all and you're invincible (like Batman):

I know there’s a big world out there, and I worry.  Still, I’ll make an effort to let you explore as much as possible, without hovering too much. 

I also know we will probably have some disagreements this year and realize you’re still learning how to express yourself.  

I know when I walk you through the preschool doors next year…..that it might be hard for both of us. 

You’ll meet new people, learn a lot, and probably break the rules a few times. 

Then, it’s off to kindergarten and before I know it…….well I better not get ahead of myself because even though I wonder about the future, I’m just glad to have you by my side each day.  

And, when you ask my to hug you with not just one arm but two, I will because I know you might not do that forever. 

I'm not going to focus on the future too much, the what ifs, and the I wonders because "Tomorrow will worry about itself" (Matthew 6:34).

Here’s to today, your birthday, let’s enjoy it!


Your Mom

Do you feel like your kids are growing up too fast?

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