Saturday, August 15, 2015

Because I'm Not Perfect

We used paper plates for dinner tonight while rows of clean, white china sat unused in the cabinets. And, on those paper plates sat leftovers, roasted chicken revived with herbs, barbecue sauce and a simple side of raspberries. 

Because I’m not perfect.

Unfolded laundry was pushed to the side of the bed as we collapsed from a day of playing, learning, and working. It may be put away tomorrow, but maybe not.

Because I’m not perfect.

Because sometimes you have to push aside some of the chores and the allure of perfection to savor the moments with your family.  Sometimes, the workout gets skipped in favor of coffee and laughs with your friends.  Sometimes, you realize that certain things are more important than others.

Today, I also raised my voice too many times, nagged my husband, and hardly gave my dogs any attention.

I wore mismatched socks.  I ate half a pint of Ben and Jerrys.  I cursed under my breath. 

Because, yes, I’m not perfect.

And, there may be moments when the notes of imperfection seem to take over until our lives are filled with discord.  

It’s those moments of ugliness and character flaws that remind us that we are only human, that we need to slow down, get more sleep, and ask for forgiveness.  

Life is about falling down and then getting back up again.  It’s grace that allows me to get up again and again.  

Recently, I came across this quote from Emily Ley that rang true for me:  "I will hold myself to a standard of grace Not perfection."

I may have stumbled a few times throughout the week, but that’s okay because I’ve decided to swim in the pool of grace: unconditional love that keeps on giving and forgiving.  

If I think about life this way, in the grand scheme of things, I realize I’m doing better than I thought.

I know this when I hear my children laughing wildly, their eyes lighting up with joy.   

I know this when my children run into my arms after I’ve only been gone for an hour.  And, I know this when my husband looks at me lovingly, even on my worst days. 

When I notice my daughter’s latest drawing of four smiling people is captioned ‘I love my family,’ I know that I’m doing something right.  

And then there’s this:

“Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely; the peace of God given to the restless; the unmerited favor of God.” ~ Justin Holcomb

By focusing on grace rather than perfection, I can deal with my shortcomings.

Because I’m not perfect, but God loves me anyways. Tweet this:

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