Saturday, July 11, 2015

5 Phrases Parents Don’t Want to Hear in the Middle of the Night

It’s the middle of the night. You’re blissfully sleeping, dreaming of your Hawaiian vacation, a hot fudge sundae, Channing Tatum, or maybe a combination of the three (in case my husband is reading this, I’m just kidding honey, really) …..when suddenly you are jolted back to reality by the sound of  screaming, crying, or a combination of the two.  
Sound familiar?

Sleep is one of my most precious commodities! I'm lucky enough to have two "good sleepers."  Since my kids are both out of the baby and toddler stage, I sleep a lot better than I used to.  However, there are times when a bad dream or illness keeps my kids up at night. As parents, we want to be there for our children. Still, there are certain phrases and noises I dread hearing in the middle of the night.

5).  There's a _____ in here. 
In the dark, kids see the strangest things.  In the dark, even a poster of Olaf can suddenly look like a demonic marshmallow. Visions of spiders, monsters or creepy shadows can cause fear in even the best sleepers. 

4). I'm hungry!
A few weeks ago, my son came into my bed and whispered, Let’s get something to eat. It was 2 or 3 o' clock in the morning.  I whispered back, Let’s lie down a little bit longer and luckily he fell asleep because our house is not a “We’re Open 24-hours a day Denny’s.”  Besides, I know you ate a proper breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

3) I'm scared!
For 3- to 6-year-olds, nightmares are pretty common. For a short period of time, my daughter had a strange fear of dolphins. Go figure!  Nightmares usually mean, I end up in one of my kids beds and will be kicked and elbowed in the face about 100 times before morning.  I will admit it’s kind of sweet getting to cuddle with them.

2) I wet the bed!
Wetting the bed is something that even young elementary-aged children can still experience. Other kids seem to have "super power" bladder control. However, if your child has an accident in the middle of the night, this entails changing the clothes and the sheets. Those mattress protectors can really be a lifesaver at 2 a.m.

1) My Tummy Hurts
Seriously, I would rather wake up and see a velociraptor standing over me than hear this phrase.  This phrase usually means I will be knee-deep in soiled linens for the next 24 hours. When I hear my tummy hurts I frantically start wondering if one of my kids has food poisoning.  Or maybe they got sick from another that one kid from the coffee shop; the little girl who, while we were waiting for our goodies, got about two inches from my son’s face and launched into a story about how she was just at the doctors because she had the "barfies” (true story). 

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Taking care of sick or scared kids is part of the parenting job description. While I always want to be there for my kids, I still like a good night's sleep; at least, every once in awhile.

What phrases or sounds do you dread hearing in the middle of the night?

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