Sunday, May 17, 2015

7 Ways Parenthood is Similar to Life as a Celebrity

After doing laundry, helping with homework, and changing diapers, you might think that your life is rather ordinary.

But let me tell you a secret.  

Your life is a similar to a celebrity’s.  

No really.

I know as you sit there drinking cold coffee in your worn ballet flats, you might be thinking yea right. 

And even though you may not own a pair of Manolo Blahniks or have a house in Malibu, if you’re a parent, your day-to-day routine might resemble celebrity life. 

Here are seven ways I think parenthood is similar to life as a celebrity (not that I have any real experience).

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#1 I Can’t Get Any Privacy Some celebrities never get a break.The paparazzi are constantly in their faces and follow them everywhere. It’s tough for celebrities to go to the store or get some coffee without people following their every move.  Well, with two kids, I can’t get any privacy either. I mean, I never realized getting the mail was so exciting but my kids always want to follow me. And, I can hardly even go to the bathroom without two sets of eyes peering at me. 

#2 My Name, Mommy, is Often Chanted, and Sometimes Screamed People can become quite excited when they see a celebrity. Teens girls will scream or chant a celebrity’s name when they see a heartthrob. My children are always chanting my name: mommy. MOMMY, I’m hungry!  MOMMY come in my room!  MOMMY, M is peeing on the floor. Mommy, watch me! MOmmmmmmmmm-eeeeeeee.

#3 People Stare at Me It must be hard to have people constantly staring at you. I mean, I see the way people gawk at me when my three-year-old is crying on the way to drop his sister off at school. Look the other way people, he’ll be fine as soon as he gets his morning juice….don’t worry it’s organic, diluted with water, and in a BPA-free container. 

#4 People are Always Judging When people are staring, I’m pretty sure it’s because they are judging me. It might be because I’m wearing yoga pants or because my kids aren’t wearing socks today. Being judged stinks. I kind of feel for you Gwyneth P.

#5 There are Many Photos of Me Without Makeup I feel bad for those celebrities whose makeup-free faces are plastered all over magazines. The paparazzi always seem take a picture of them making an ‘ugly face’. Well, let me tell you, there are plenty of just-rolled-out of bed, no makeup pictures of me. After all, my kids like to use my phone to take pictures. As long as they don’t accidentally send it one of my social media accounts, it’s all good.  

#6 People Ask for my “Autograph” Celebrities are often asked for their autograph. People will stand in line to have someone sign a jersey or book.  However, people often ask me for my “autograph” too. Well, really they are just asking for my signature. I have to sign well-visit surveys at the doctors, reading logs, permission goes on and on. 

#7 When I Enter a Room, I am the Center of Attention When you have kids, at least little kids, you are the apple of their eye. If a celebrity walks into a restaurant, people will stop everything and stare. If I go to run an errand and then return, my children will greet me at the door and my daughter will say “Mommy, I missed you!” I can’t complain.

From time to time, it’s nice to feel like a celebrity. However, most of the time, I’m glad I’m not.

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