Monday, December 8, 2014

20 Reasons You Might be Tired Today: The Parenting Edition

I’ve come to realize that I’m not one of the parents that can run on five or less hours of sleep. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done it, plenty of times but I’m not happy about it. I’m cranky. Lethargic.  And, you better not take the last cookie or you’ll be on my list (yes, I’m talking to the hubby here). As I inch closer to 40, I’m a little more tired or perhaps my kids are simply wearing me out.  As much as I try not to stay up too late, those days of 8 hours of sleep are far and few between.  Here are 20 reasons you might be tired today. 

1. You have a newborn baby (enough said)

2. Your child is going through an I’m scared stage.  Monsters under the bed? Spooky sounds?  Even a teddy bear can cast a scary shadow on the wall.   (Daniel Tiger says..See what it is, you might feel better!)

3. Your co-sleeping child (or little one who crept into your bed in the middle of the night) kicked you in the face, more than once. I’m always amazed how a tiny body can take up so much room in a king bed. 

4. Your entire house was hit with the dreaded norovirus/rotovirus (who cares they’re both horrible).

5. Some stupid singing toy or doll was going off in the middle of the night. When I was a child, I loved talking dolls, but now they just scare me. I'm always amazed how some of these talking dolls do not have on and off buttons.  

6. You forgot about the bake sale fundraiser for your child’s basketball team tomorrow.  You spend some time debating whether or not to go to the store and buy some cookies or be even more tired and make some goodies from scratch.  

7. You decided to stay up to catch up on the last two episodes of _________! Right now, for me, it’s Season 9 of 'Criminal Minds'.

8. You were blogging/reading parenting blogs/commenting on parenting blogs/on social media posting pictures of your children.

9. Your boobs are leaking! Again. You need thicker nursing pads.

10. The dog barked, woke up the baby, who woke up your other child/ren and it took a long time to get everyone back to bed.

11. Your baby decided to get up, and stay up at 3:00 am.  Your toddler decided to get up at 4:00 am and so on and so forth.

12. You went out and tried to live it up like you did in college.  Staying out until 2 am really hurts in the morning. 

13. Your boss needs you to come in early to have a meeting about the meeting.  (No joke, I have had more than one of these)! 

14. Your child had a sport’s tournament all weekend long, three hours away, the last game ended at 6 pm. You can't believe you're paying money to do this. 

15.  You were reading a book about how to get your baby to sleep through the night.  Well, that's ironic!

16.   Someone wet the bed.  Oh, where or where did those piddle pads go?  Oh where or where could they be?

17.  You're enjoying the silence, alone time, too much to go to sleep.  You say you'll go to bed earlier tomorrow…but you know you won't.

18.  You're determined to have a laundry hamper free of dirty clothes.  At midnight, you realize the pile of clothes is going to win, yet again.  

19.  You're attempting to purge your kids old toys and baby clothes.  Every time you hold up a different article of clothing, you reminisce about what your child did in that onesie.  You're not sure if you can give these memories away. 

20.  You're out of coffee, or just didn't have time to drink it yet.

Why are you tired today?  

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