Sunday, October 19, 2014

6 Things I Loved as a Kid (but Not as a Parent)

Being a kid is the best. You don't have a mortgage to pay. You can spend hours spinning without feeling sick. You get to order yummy food off the kid's menu. I could go on and on about the perks of being a child. Yet, now that I am a parent, there are certain aspects of kid-life I'm not too fond of.
# 1 Arcade Pizza
I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese parties and eating the delicious pizza. When my nephew was about five, my husband and I decided we should take him to Chuck E. Cheese. I was horrified to learn that their pizza was no longer good. What happened?  Did they change the recipe or was it just me?  
# 2 Waking Up Early
When I was five, I used to wake up at 6ish to participate in Mousercise. This was back in the day when you had cable boxes on top of your television. Since becoming an adult, I don't wake up early unless my kids are up or I have to be somewhere. Unfortunately, as a parent, you are always up early.  If you’re a morning person, great, but for the rest of us, it sucks is an inconvenience.

# 3 Ball Pits
Ball pits are so much fun for kids. Okay, I'll admit they are amusing for adults too. In fact, I wouldn’t mind jumping in myself….is that allowed? What's not fun is all of the germs in those pits. Diaper leaks along with dirty hands and feet make these indoor play areas a germ hot spot.   I don’t prevent my kids from going in ball pits.  I'm just not really that enthused when they climb into the pool of bright plastic balls, especially when they get sick a few days later.

# 4 Somersaults
My daughter is into doing gymnastic feats. Headstands are her specialty. I remember being her age and doing flips and cartwheels. I suppose I should have kept at it because now I get dizzy when I doing a simple forward roll or cartwheel. My daughter just doesn't understand why I don't like to do somersaults.
# 5 Bologna
Growing up, bologna sandwiches were a kid's go to lunch.  It was so good.   However, I can’t remember the last time I had one.  The pink meat just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. says the Oscar Mayer version contains “mechanically separated chicken, pork, water, corn syrup, salt and sodium nitrate.”  If you know of some really great bologna, please let me know!  I have never had a fried bologna sandwich so maybe I’m missing out.

#6 Talking Dolls
Oh, fellow 80s children, remember talking Cabbage Patch Dolls?  They would tell you when they were hungry or tired.  So much fun.   Now, these are just creepy.  I think watching Child’s Play ruined talking dolls for me.  In general, talking toys scare me, especially the ones that jabber in the middle of the night and cause you to wake up in a cold sweat.  
I am definitely getting older (sigh).

What are some things you loved as a kid but aren't so fond of now?

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