Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Fairies Parents Wish Existed

When I was a child, I remember the excitement of losing a tooth. Having a tooth fall out meant a little surprise under my pillow in the morning. Now that I'm older, the allure of the tooth fairy is completely gone. However, since my daughter has been reading The Never Girls series by Kiki Thorpe (some great books about adventures in Pixie Hollow in Never Land), I have been thinking more about these magical creatures. Indeed, there are some fairies that I, along with many other parents I know, wish existed.
1. The house cleaning fairy
One thing many of my "mom friends" long for is a house cleaning service. The closest thing I've had to a maid is when my dogs lick some of the crumbs off my floor. Anyone who has kids knows the cleaning never ends. I definitely wouldn't mind if my house sparkled a little more frequently.
2. The laundry fairy
I only have two kids. However, the pile of laundry simply doesn't go away. Sometimes, I wish I were Mary Poppins and could just say "snap, the job's a game." Yet, finding fun in laundry has become difficult.
3. The sick fairy
Remember the days when you were sick and could just watch movies and drink fluids? Now, there are work commitments, children to care for and a house to clean. My dream sick fairy would make me chicken soup, mind the kids and fluff the pillows.
4. The potty training fairy
Potty training can be a frustrating task. Messy accidents and power struggles often characterize the process. The potty training fairy knows what makes your toddler tick. She'll have your little one out of diapers in no time.
5. The personal chef fairy
I like to cook. However, some nights I wish a delicious, balanced meal would be sitting out on the table. Of course, this fairy would do all the dishes, too.
6. The mediator fairy
The mediator fairy is perfect for those of us with more than one child. This fairy can help sort out any sibling rivalry issues including hair-pulling, name-calling and toy-grabbing.
7. The baby sitting fairy
Don't you miss the days when you could go out to dinner on a moment's notice? With the snap of your fingers, the baby sitting fairy would be at parents' service. You won't have to worry about being late for a movie again.
8. The 'middle of the night' fairy
The middle of the night fairy is there to help with the midnight diaper changes, the 4 a.m. "I need water" call and the dreaded puke catastrophe.
9. The grocery fairy
I actually enjoy going to the grocery store. However, when it's raining and I've got sick kiddos, I'd rather have someone deliver me the food. I suppose they have delivery services for this kind of thing. However, having Tinkerbell deliver my groceries sounds so much more fun. In addition, the grocery fairy ensures that parents have someone to turn to when they realize they forgot to buy snacks for tomorrow's soccer game.
10. The curfew fairy
When kids enter the teen years, there is bound to be some that try to break curfew. Yet, never fear, the curfew fairy will find your rule-breaking teenager and bring them home safely. You can still come up with a punishment.

In the end, it's best for the parenting to be left up to the parents. However, every once in a while, don't we all wish we could have a little help? Having a fairy godmother at my disposal would be nice too.

What fairy do you wish you had to help around the house?

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